SPUR Therapeutic Horsemanship for Children and Adults

Students from the age of four throughout adulthood come to SPUR to enjoy the many benefits of therapeutic horsemanship. Instructors and students work together in SPUR lessons to attain desired physical, cognitive, and/or emotional goals via a variety of Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT). Children and adults with disabilities begin with a leader and sidewalker in addition to the instructor. Each SPUR lesson is tailored to the individual’s own physical and emotional needs. All sessions are 8 weeks long.

My experience with SPUR has been nothing but uplifting and positive. It has opened a whole new phase of my life with MS. It is hard to put into words how one feels, so let me just say I am so thankful I found this program!” S.R. SPUR Rider

I cannot thank you enough for how you and your inspiring program have changed not only our world but the world of so many whose voices may not be heard; whose lives may be thought of as secondary to the rest of society. I thank you for counting each and every one of these lives as special. Your impact is immeasurable and appreciated beyond words.” L.M. SPUR Parent
“SPUR takes away the limitations the world would put on me, and provides a way for me to push the boundaries aside and really live. There is no other place that would take that kind of chance. There are no words of gratitude for SPUR and the staff that makes it happen.” J.B. SPUR Rider