When you can not walk, let me help you run. When you are afraid, let me teach you trust. When you feel weak, let me help you build strength. When you can't find your voice, let us speak without words. When you can not reach, let me raise you above the world. When you want to give up, let me show you how far you can go. - Kristie Kershaw

Every day, small miracles happen at Sunnyside.


Each person that comes to Sunnyside is unique with his or her own special needs. Your donations make it possible to invite all ages with a range of disabilities to participate regardless of their economic status. The therapeutic SPUR program at Sunnyside is a gift to everyone involved. The support we receive from our SPUR board, all of the dedicated volunteers, and hard working staff make it all possible.

With your help we aspire to offer state of the art equine assisted programs. As a PATH International Premier Accredited Center, we help shape the future of our industry. Only with YOUR support can SPUR continue to provide the proven benefits of therapeutic horsemanship. Your tax deductible dollars support our scholarship fund so children and adults can have the opportunity to connect with a horse regardless of financial ability.

General donations of any amount are always accepted, particularly for our scholarship fund, which provides more than $50,000 in financial aid annually for students who qualify.

Donations may also be designated for:

  • SPUR Veterans' Programs
  • Horse Fund
  • Susan Hughes Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • In Memory of...
  • In Honor of...
  • Area of greatest need

Horse Donation The SPUR program would not be what it is without our wonderful horses. Unfortunately, not all horses are suitable for therapeutic riding. The ideal therapy horse has many special characteristics. Prospective horses are required to complete a 60 day trial period prior to being accepted into the program. If you feel you have that special horse who would be perfect for our program, please call Stephanie Hunt, Stable Manager, at 732-224-1367 ext. 2#.  

The Donation of Time The gift of your time is one of the most rewarding donations you can make. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and make lasting bonds with our students and horses. Click here for more information about volunteering.

Search, Shop and Dine to Benefit SPUR What if SPUR earned money every time you searched the Internet, made purchases online, or dined out? Well, now we can with GoodSearch.com! Just go to www.goodsearch.com and be sure to enter Special People United to Ride as the charity you want to support and SPUR will start earning money for every web search you do.Visit GoodSearch.com to learn more!

All donations to SPUR are tax deductible.
Monetary donations and membership requests may be mailed to:

Special People United to Ride
805 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft, NJ 07738   


Dear Friends,
We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Rite Aid and are now an official KidCents charity! KidCents is a program created by The Rite Aid Foundation that allows Rite Aid customers to round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate their change to help support kid-focused charities. Special People Unite to Ride is now be listed as an official KidCents charity on kidcents.com.
Here’s how you can enroll in the KidCents program and round-up to our charity:
Step 1: Enroll in wellness+ rewards (Skip to Step 2 if you are already a wellness+ rewards member)

  • Visit www.KidCents.com and click ‘Sign In’ on the left
  • Click the box on the right to ‘Enroll in wellness+ rewards
  • Complete registration process for wellness+ rewards
  • When finished with the process, you will be directed to RiteAid.com

Step 2: Enroll in the KidCents Round-Up Program

  • Visit www.KidCents.com
  • You should see your account logged in on the left. If not, sign in with the account information.
  • Click ‘Start rounding up today!’ dial on the left

Step 3: Designate Your Charity

  • Click ‘Select a Charity’ on the left
  • Type Special People United to Ride and click ‘Select This Charity’
By rounding up, you are helping us to reach our goals by simply shopping at Rite Aid. Feel free to invite your friends and family to participate in the program. Imagine the change that your change can make!
We are looking forward to our partnership with The Rite Aid Foundation and are excited by the opportunities that KidCents brings to our organization and those we help. Thank you for your support!
Special People United to Ride
Board of Directors

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